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Reduce safety stock, decrease transportation costs, and win on customer experience.

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Manufacturers inflate lead times and safety stock coverage due to lack of confidence in carrier delivery timelines.


Accurate lead times and less safety stock. Historical analytics and real-time accurate ETAs increases confidence in lead times to adjust purchasing cycles to reduce the need for excess safety stock.


Reliance on air freight to keep lines running and meet customer commitments significantly increases transportation costs.


Decrease transportation costs. Real-time visibility, accurate ETAs and visibility into inventory in motion enables manufacturers to shift away from the “when in doubt, expedite” mindset, saving significant costs.


Inaccurate and latent data results in inability to differentiate from competition and missed SLAs or customer commits.


Win on Customer  Experience. Proactively communicate shipment and order status to customers to win and expand strategic business  partnerships.


Relying on static data and manual processes slows teams down.


Increase Productivity & Efficiency. Do more with less - eliminate outdated practices and reliance on manual track and track activities to increase productivity.

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