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Introducing Movement by project44

Movement is the supply chain visibility platform that helps automotive manufacturers make their supply chains more efficient and cost-effective. Whether you experience Movement via our purpose-built user interface or API, it delivers the visibility, insights, and workflow tools you need—all seamlessly integrated with your systems and partners.


Multimodal Visibility

Gain real-time visibility into every mode: Ocean, FTL, LTL, Rail, Air, Barge, Ocean, and Last Mile — including visibility into RoRo shipments, Terminals and Yards.

Right-Size Lead Times

Rely on industry-leading multimodal ETAs to create accurate and reliable arrival forecasts that meet SLA’s and customer commits.

Order-Level Visibility

Optimize inventory levels by managing goods in-transit at the order level to reduce safety stock and increase cash on hand.


Centralized exception Management

Resolve issues with automated exception management notifications by mode to improve forecasting and speed up time to solve.

Intelligent Routing

Make more informed routing decisions with marketing Intelligence reporting from the industry’s largest data set and dynamic planning modules that highlight lead time variability.

Slot Booking

Proactively re-assign dock space to lessen wait and load times with accurate, integrated Truckload ETAs to increase shipment velocity at the yard.


Detention & Demurrage Dashboard

See all containers at-risk of D&D penalties in a single dashboard to prioritize containers and significantly reduce D&D fees.

Carrier Performance Analytics

Make the best carrier procurement decisions with performance scorecards that include volume, tracking, and reliability.

Port intelligence

Manage disruption and avoid congestion with a real-time interface highlighting port delay data from 11,800 berths at all global ports.

Emissions Visibility

Measure your supply chain carbon footprint with easy-to-use dashboards populated with GLEC-accredited emissions data at the shipment, carrier, and regional level.

Partnerships that Power a Connected Supply Chain

Through strategic partnerships, project44 acts as the industry’s connectivity layer to power the world’s leading technology providers.

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