The Next-Generation Platform in Retail Supply Chain

Deliver a better customer experience with every single shipment.

Introducing Movement by project44

Movement is the supply chain visibility platform that helps make retail supply chains more efficient and cost-effective. Whether you experience Movement via our purpose-built user interface or API, it delivers the visibility, insights, and workflow tools you need — all seamlessly integrated with your systems and partners.

End-to-End Visibility

Multimodal Visibility

Gain real-time visibility into every mode: Ocean, FTL, LTL, Rail, Air, Barge, Ocean, integrated with Last Mile visibility to the customer’s doorstep.

Right-Size Lead Times

Rely on industry-leading multimodal ETAs to create accurate and reliable arrival forecasts that meet SLA’s and customer commits to reduce stock outs and shortages.

Order-Level Visibility

Optimize inventory levels by managing goods in-transit at the order level to reduce safety stock and increase cash on hand.

eCommerce Delivery Operations

Last Mile Resolution

Enable proactive case management and exception recovery for all shipments in a centralized dashboard where you can filter, assign owners, and take action.

Last Mile Insights

Surface network issues in real-time and evaluate carrier performance to optimize your network with reports designed for retail delivery management.

Last Mile Connect

Share shipment, tracking, and order data in CRM, OMS, and eCommerce systems to ensure everyone across your organization can access the same high quality customer data.

Consumer Experience

Configurable Branded Tracking & Alerts

Quicky create customizable tracking pages and alerts and proactively communicate to customers with segmented batch communication to reduce WISMO.

Predictive Delivery Dates

Use machine-learning driven estimates based on 19 billion shipment events to insert highly accurate estimated delivery dates onto the checkout page.

Delivery Appointment Scheduler

Provide customers automated scheduling, clear time/date options, and the ability to confirm, remind, and reschedule appointments -- all from the tracking page.

Partnerships that Power a Connected Supply Chain

Through strategic partnerships, project44 acts as the industry’s connectivity layer to power the world’s leading technology providers.

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