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Case Study

Boll & Branch unlocked revenue in the post-purchase experience and improved CSAT scores during peak season

About Boll & Branch

Founded in 2014 in Summit, New Jersey, Boll & Branch is proud to offer ethically and sustainably-sourced, luxurious bedding, bath, and home goods, as well as a line of high-end mattresses. As a direct-to-consumer eCommerce retailer, the fast-growing, venture-backed startup is committed to matching its high-quality products with superior customer service at every stage of the buyer journey.

The Challenge

Committed to its customers, Boll & Branch wanted to put unexpected delivery issues to rest. The logistics team used a Transportation Management System (TMS) to monitor whether or not shipments reached customers on-time, but spent hours manipulating the TMS reports trying to piece together large sets of data in an effort to find trends.

Instead, customers continued to call in citing that their packages had not been delivered, or were damaged, making customer care queues rise, and increasing costly return-to-sender exceptions. Boll & Branch wanted to set its agents, customers, and products up for success. Even more, as a fast-growing brand, the team worried about peak season — they needed a way to integrate their order feed with their delivery data, and they needed to solve delivery issues in real-time, and at scale.

“The project44 platform is really easy to use, and it’s easy to filter for exceptions. It gives us total clarity and visibility into what’s going on with our packages, and we’re excited to use the built-in automation to understand how higher volume affects our customers during peak.”

— Anthony Curreri, Senior Logistics Manager, Operations at Boll & Branch

The Solution

In February 2019, Boll & Branch launched project44 Engage and Recover, integrating their Shopify order feed and their carrier data. Immediately, the logistics and customer service teams realized that the platform could save them time in pulling together disparate data, and it could reduce their WISMO calls (WISMO is ‘Where Is My Order’). Both teams monitored every order status, setting up workflows and saved views around shipments that had not seen carrier movement, and would likely be delayed, so they could resolve issues with their carriers in the platform. This helped the teams reduce time to resolution for customers by 66%.

The Logistics and Customer Care teams also used project44 to connect to customers at scale. The brand set up new tracking pages and customizable alerts to let customers know when orders would arrive and reduced WISMO calls by 30.8% overall, and reduced customer support tickets by 17.4% during peak season.

Boll & Branch also unlocked additional revenue from their tracking page, a 3.31% conversion rate from click to new purchase, and the brand looks forward to using project44 Discover to detect bottlenecks impacting multiple shipments and further optimize its last mile shipping network.

Benefits and Outcomes

Improved Customer Happiness and Loyalty:

  • 3.31% CVR from tracking page to new order
  • 2.24% increase in CSAT during peak season

Operational Efficiency and Cost Savings:

  • 66% decrease in time to resolution
  • 30.8% reduction in WISMO calls
  • 17.4% reduction in support tickets
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